CBD Tinctures

We have a great assortment of CBD Tinctures. It is an easy way to take your CBD. Put the drops under your tongue and wait 2 minutes and then swallow. How easy is that? CBD is absorbed under your tongue and into the blood stream. By bypassing your digestive system the CBD enters into the blood immediately. It may take around an hour to work. Taking it long term will produce even greater results as it tackles the root of the problem.

Every mammal has an Endocannabidiol System. This system is what creates homeostasis (normal functioning of the body) within the body. The endocannabidiol system has receptors, C1 and C2. They are found throughout the body including the nerves and nervous system and other body systems. This controls appetite, pain sensation, anxiety, sleep, and more. It basically means that CBD has the potential to treat a vast array of symptoms and diseases with great success.

CBD is 100% legal thanks to a 2018 Farm Bill that the president signed. This made hemp that has less then 0.03% THC, legal. The hemp plant is naturally high in CBD and low in THC unlike the marijuana plant which is the opposite. THC is what makes a person "high" or "stoned" and CBD does not do this. It is not psychoactive. It induces a feeling of calm and relaxation and is nonaddictive and safe to take

There have been no reported major side effects and no incidences of overdose. The World Health Organization has stated that CBD is nonaddictive and safe to use.