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Our CBD Gummies 250-3000mg jar has over 250-3000 of CBD per jar it is sure to keep you enjoying these CBD treats for weeks to come. We offer a wide amount of flavors and sizes; these gummy’s will bring back the feelings of childhood while eating gummy bears as a kid.

We know how difficult it can be to find to find  the time to really relax with such a busy schedule. That is why we offer delicious CBD gummies. CDB Gummies are the perfect, yummy addition to your daily routine that will guarantee to put you on the way for a relaxing, serene, fun filled day.

CBD is one of over one hundred compunds found in the Hemp Plant. It does not make you "High" or "Stoned" like THC does. It may produce a feeling of calmness and relaxation. It helps with so many ailments and may help with pain, anxiety, sleep and more!

It is 100% legal thanks to the Farm Bill in 2018 which made CBD legal in all 50 states that was signed by President Trump.

It is a completely safe product with no known reported injuires even at very high doses. You can not and will not overdose on it. You also will not become addicted to CBD and there is no chance of developing a tolerance on it.

It works through our bodies Endocannabisiol System by binding to receptors in it that is all through the body. The Endocannabidol System is what causes homeostasis, or the bodies natural and normal fucntioning and is responsible for almost every system in the body.

The dose for each individual can be very different as we all have different bodies that respond in different ways to things. Some may need much more and same may need much less. You need to try it in different doses to come up with you own "sweet spot" and a dose that is just right just for you. Starting out with 1/4 of a gummie and then working your way up will get you to where you need it and where it will help you the most.  It may be hard, but be patient. For some it could work right away but for others it could be much longer. Give it at least a month before you give up on it. But there are some that find relief after even just 1 dose.

It can bring you feelings of peace,calm and relaxation even though it does not make you feel "high".

Buy some today to start feeling better and feeling like a "new" you or the "old" normal you!

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